Wheelchair prescription in international settings

Chapter 45 Wheelchair prescription in international settings

Financing of mobility aids

Wheelchair distribution methods

Four types of wheelchair provisions are discussed. The strengths and weaknesses of each approach are assessed, with consideration of the issues involved in providing wheelchairs to low-income countries.

Donation of recycled wheelchairs from industrialized countries

Many organizations, particularly in higher-income countries, have responded to the critical need for wheelchair distribution in low-income countries by refurbishing orthopedic hospital-style wheelchairs and delivering them overseas (Table 45-2).

Table 45-2 Donation of recycled wheelchairs approach

Recycled Discarded wheelchairs fit in the “anything is better than nothing” approach
Low cost Recycled and refurbished fairly inexpensively (through volunteer programs)
Fast Large quantities can be delivered quickly




Local workshops

Local workshops in low-income countries have been providing a service to wheelchair users for many years (Table 45-4). They often are established by disabled persons organizations (DPOs) that have been frustrated by the lack of appropriate wheelchairs in their own communities.

Table 45-4 Local workshops approach


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