5. Bony Palpation

Bony Palpation

Chapter 5 offers a palpation tour of bones, bony landmarks, and joints of the human body. The tour begins with the upper extremity, then addresses the axial body, and concludes with the lower extremity. Although any one bone or bony landmark can be independently palpated, this chapter is set up sequentially to flow from one landmark to another; therefore following the order presented here is recommended.



FIGURE 5-26 Temporal bone: To palpate the zygomatic arch of the temporal bone, first find the zygomatic bone (see Figure 5-25). Once located, continue palpating the zygomatic bone posteriorly until you reach the zygomatic arch of the temporal bone (A). Strumming your fingers vertically over the zygomatic arch can be helpful. The entire length of the zygomatic arch of the temporal bone can be palpated.
To palpate the mastoid process of the temporal bone, palpate just posterior to the earlobe, then press medially and strum over the mastoid process by moving your palpating finger anteriorly and posteriorly (B).

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