Sports Medicine

Mark D. Miller, MD, Editor
As the Consulting Editor for Clinics in Sports Medicine , I would like to share some of our “hot” articles from the past year. The October 2013 issue on “Shoulder Instability in the Athlete,” guest edited by Stephen R. Thompson, included articles focusing on bone loss in shoulder instability—this is certainly an area of recent interest and research. The issue included a very nice discussion of bone loss and how to evaluate and treat this problem, authored by my partner, Dr Stephen Brockmeier, along with Justin W. Griffin. The issue also featured an article on the Laterjet-Patte procedure in contact athletes written by one of the pioneers of this procedure, Dr Gilles Walch and his colleagues. I am sure that we all have seen the resurgence in popularity in coracoid-based procedures to address this problem. The January 2014 issue, guest edited by Drs William J. Long and W. Norman Scott, included a discussion of two popular unicompartmental knee procedures—the mobile-bearing oxford knee, written by Drs Hurst and Berend, and the robotic-assisted MAKO knee, by Dr Roche. The April 2014 issue, guest edited by Drs Matthew D. Milewski and Carl W. Nissen, focused on osteochondritis dessicans. There are two important articles in this issue—one, written by Kevin Shea and associates on classification, and the other, written by Drs Carey and Grimm, that provide a treatment algorithm for OCD of the knee. Finally, the July 2014 issue of Clinics in Sports Medicine , guest edited by Dr Alexander K. Meninger, includes a very well-written discussion of patellar instability, authored by Jason Koh and Corey Stewart, and an article regarding the very popular medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction, authored by Dr Burks and colleagues.

I wish to thank the guest editors and authors of these articles for sharing their insight and experience. These represent only a few of the “hot” topics being addressed in the sister journal to the Orthopedic Clinics of North America, Clinics in Sports Medicine . We encourage you to consider purchasing a subscription to this journal as well—expand your horizons!


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