The Orthopaedic Physical Examination

The Orthopaedic Physical Examination

Matthew A. Varacallo, MD

Jonathan R. Kaplan, MD, FAAOS

Dr. Varacallo or an immediate family member serves as a paid consultant to or is an employee of Arthrex, Inc. Dr. Kaplan or an immediate family member has received royalties from Novastep; serves as a paid consultant to or is an employee of Medline, Novastep, and Vilex; has stock or stock options held in GLW Medical Innovation; and serves as a board member, owner, officer, or committee member of American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society.

Inspection and Observation

  • Findings can dictate perspective for the remainder of the physical examination

  • Assessment of patient in clinical setting

    • Reasonable distance given setting (office, trauma bay, etc)

    • Multiple views/angles for comprehensive assessment

  • Gait pattern (if applicable)

  • Region/extremity soft-tissue integrity (open wounds, obvious deformity)

  • Limb and joint alignment

  • Skin assessment

    • Edema, swelling

    • Ecchymosis

    • Discoloration (dusky, pale, etc)

    • Abrasions

    • Open wounds, lacerations

    • Compartment swelling/pressure (firm, compressible, etc)

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