Upper Extremity

Asif M. Ilyas, MD, Editor
In this issue of the Orthopedic Clinics of North America , we present several interesting articles in the Upper Extremity section reviewing common shoulder and wrist pathologies:

McCormick et al present a detailed review of type II superior labral anterior to posterior tears and their arthroscopic management. A review of the pathology and comparative review of performing a biceps repair versus tenodesis is presented. Particular emphasis is placed on the challenge of treating this injury in overhead athletes.

Caggiano and Matullo have provided a comprehensive review of carpal instability of the wrist. They review the mechanism of injury of intercarpal ligaments, its diagnosis, and subsequent management with particular emphasis on recent evidence.

Cross and Matullo review Kienböck disease, also known as avascular necrosis or osteomalacia of the lunate. They identify the various advances in etiology, pathophysiology, and treatment for this insidious and difficult pathology of the wrist, with particular emphasis on management based on staging.

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