Stargazing—Seeing the Constellation of Core Diagnoses







seeing the constellation of core diagnoses


Ground control to Major Tom/take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

—David Bowie, lyrics from the song Space Oddity.

For a few moments, let’s drift away from “hard-core” teaching points and gaze dreamily at the many diagnostic stars in this core universe. Many stars roam across the skies. Johannes Roedl, a co-editor, has revved up the spaceship and buffed the windows for this mini-voyage. The purpose of the trip is to appreciate the enormity of this universe that we need to explore more.

Keep in mind, as you stare out the windows, that all the patients with these diagnoses had groin pain as their main complaint. In each case, a combination of history, physical examination, and imaging studies clarified the diagnosis.

This time-out shall prepare you for the chapters to come.


Consider this “register” a small sampling of the stars in this space. Many more diagnoses exist in the core universe. Johannes’s selection emphasizes knowing all 4 parts of the core.


Figure A-1A. Endometrioma of the rectus abdominis.


Figure A-1B. Endometrioma of the rectus abdominis.


Figure A-2. Crohn’s disease with thickening of the terminal ileum.


Figure A-3. Ascites.


Figure A-4. Sarcoma of the iliopsoas mimicking a cyst.


Figure A-5. Iliopsoas bursitis.


Figure A-6. Complex iliopsoas bursitis mimicking a tumor. (The term tumor refers to both true neoplasms and other mass lesions.)


Figure A-7. Iliopsoas bursitis mimicking a tumor.

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