Sarcomas of Soft Tissue (Continued)

Diagnostic Studies. MRI is the best imaging modality for both rhabdomyosarcoma and leiomyosarcoma.

Treatment/Prognosis. Rhabdomyosarcomas occur primarily in children, and there has been a significant improvement in survival rates in patients with rhabdomyosarcomas primarily owing to the efficacy of multiple-agent chemotherapy. Leiomyosarcomas occur primarily in adults and are not particularly sensitive to chemotherapy or irradiation. Surgical resection of both of these with a 1-cm margin is the preferred treatment.


Angiosarcomas are high-grade sarcomas of the soft tissue that respond very poorly to surgical resection with a very high rate of recurrence. Many centers do not recommend routine resection of angiosarcomas but rather primarily use chemotherapy. Amputation may be necessary for severe extremity involvement.

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