Pisiform Fractures

Pisiform Fractures

Mikael Starecki

James R. Mullen


  • Anatomy

    • The pisiform is a pea-shaped sesamoid bone within the tendon of the flexor carpi ulnaris (FCU).

    • Attaches to FCU proximally

    • Distally is attached to the pisohamate, pisometacarpal, and pisotriquetral ligaments

    • Origin of abductor digiti minimi

    • Transverse carpal ligament also has attachments to the pisiform.

    • The ulnar nerve and artery lie radial to the pisiform in Guyon’s canal.

  • Mechanism of injury

    • Direct impact against a hard surface

    • Forceful contraction of FCU

  • Epidemiology

    • 1% to 2% of all carpal fractures

    • Injury is often missed

    • 50% occur in isolation

    • 50% associated with other conditions


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