High-Pressure Injection Injuries

High-Pressure Injection Injuries

Erez Avisar

High-pressure injection (HPI) injury has the potential to cause devastating injury to the limb. It has a high risk of being overlooked due to its often benign presentation. Failure to accurately diagnose this injury results in undertreatment and potentially devastating consequences. Patients usually present to the emergency room or to an outpatient setting soon after an injury occurs. Often, patients report an accidental or unexpected discharge of a high-pressure paint gun, after which they experienced a stinging sensation in the finger or hand followed by a disproportionate sensation of pain and swelling. Physicians can be misled by early objective physical findings, which may be limited to a minimal puncture wound. However, when recognized appropriately, early diagnosis and proper treatment can minimize the sequelae of injury including soft-tissue ischemia. The reported amputation rate of these injuries is between 30% and 48%.1


It is estimated that annually 1 of 600 traumatic hand injuries involves an HPI injury.1,2 Commonly, young manual workers sustain injury to the upper limb, usually to the tip of the index finger. The most common scenario occurs while the worker is using his nondominant hand for testing or cleaning the tip of a paint gun.

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