Orthopedic Urgencies and Emergencies

Ever wonder where the line between urgency and emergency falls? Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell. Orthopedic injuries are commonly seen in both emergent and urgent care settings. Common presentations can mimic serious conditions.

The authors of these sections have provided much useful information on this topic that can help surgeons deal with these urgencies and emergencies. All of these articles contain much information from experienced surgeons in orthopedics, and we thank them for providing their wisdom.

Articles in the Adult Reconstruction Section will focus on the following: Management of Hip Pain in Young Adults, Total Hip Arthroplasty Performed through Direct Anterior Approach Provides Superior Early Outcome, and Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infection Following Hip and Knee Arthroplasty.

Articles in the Trauma Section will focus on the following: Acute Compartment Syndrome, Treatment of Hip Dislocations and Associated Injuries, and Management of Pelvic Ring Injuries in Unstable Patients.

Articles in the Pediatrics Section will focus on the following: Pediatric Open Fractures, and Compartment Syndrome in Children.

Articles in the Upper Extremity Section will focus on the following: Acute Ischemia of the Upper Extremity, Acute Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Compartment Syndrome of the Hand, and High-Pressure Injection Injuries of the Hand.

Articles in the Foot and Ankle Section will focus on the following: Review of Talus Fractures and Surgical Timing.

I hope that our readers will find this material useful.

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