Pediatric Open Fractures

Open fractures in children are rare and are typically associated with better prognoses compared with their adult equivalents. Regardless, open fractures pose a challenge because of the risk of healing complications and infection, leading to significant morbidity even in the pediatric population. Therefore, the management of pediatric open fractures requires special consideration. This article comprehensively reviews the initial evaluation, classification, treatment, outcomes, and controversies of open fractures in children.

Key points

  • Open fractures pose a risk for contamination and can lead to significant complications in children.

  • These fractures often have a better prognosis in children as compared with adults.

  • Open fractures in children differ from open fractures in adults, with faster and more reliable bone healing, greater potential for periosteal bone formation, and lower reported infection rates.

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Feb 23, 2017 | Posted by in ORTHOPEDIC | Comments Off on Pediatric Open Fractures

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