Jacobson’s muscular relaxation see relaxation.

javelin thrower’s elbow see epicondyles.

jaw injury injury to the bones of the face which carry the teeth: the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw). Jaw injuries include fractures and dislocations and are most common in contact sports such as boxing, rugby, lacrosse and ice hockey. These injuries require immediate assessment as they can lead to difficulty in accessing the airway or even to airway obstruction.

jerk the rate of change of acceleration with respect to time.

jogger’s nipple a painful condition caused by friction of the nipple against clothing, seen particularly in both male and female distance runners. Can be reduced or prevented by the use of lubricating jelly.

joint angle angle between two body segments linked by a common joint.

joint capsule the fibrous tissue layer that covers a synovial joint, contributing to the ‘hinge’ of the joint. The capsule comprises two layers: a thick, tough, protective fibrous outer layer and an inner layer, which secretes synovial fluid, providing nutrition and lubrication to the joint.

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