Ilizarov and De Bastiani Techniques for Limb Lengthening

Chondrodiastasis, or symmetric distraction of the growth plate, can be considered when the leg-length discrepancy is small. The procedure stimulates closure of the growth plate; however, its use is limited to adolescents nearing completion of growth.

Transiliac lengthening permanently corrects a static leg-length discrepancy less than 3 cm, especially when epiphysiodesis and use of a shoe lift are unacceptable. The procedure is most effective in patients with a postural imbalance in the transverse plane. The technique is similar to the Salter innominate osteotomy for congenital hip dislocation, except that the pelvic fragments are distracted and held open anteriorly and posteriorly with a quadrilateral bone graft. Unlike epiphysiodesis and epiphyseal stapling, transiliac lengthening balances the limbs directly without shortening the overall height.

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Jul 3, 2016 | Posted by in MUSCULOSKELETAL MEDICINE | Comments Off on Ilizarov and De Bastiani Techniques for Limb Lengthening

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