Healing of Excised Skin Wound

Fibroblasts begin to proliferate in the base of the wound. The fibroblastic proliferation is followed immediately by the development of new capillaries bringing nutrients and oxygen to the newly formed tissues. The blood clot is gradually elevated by the cellular exudate beneath it, allowing epithelial cells to grow across the base of the wound. Active contraction of the wound begins 8 to 10 days after injury as more collagen-rich connective tissue is laid down in the base of the wound. Eventually, the highly vascular granulation tissue disappears and a dense collagenous scar tissue persists underneath the new layer of epithelium. The new epithelium is devoid of normal skin appendages.

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Jul 3, 2016 | Posted by in MUSCULOSKELETAL MEDICINE | Comments Off on Healing of Excised Skin Wound
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