Aquatic Physiotherapy

Chapter 3 Aquatic Physiotherapy

Muscle strengthening: using buoyancy, turbulence and the metacentric effect

Improving range of movement (ROM)

Utilising buoyancy

Buoyancy assisted

The lower limb stretches

Keep trunk upright allow float to take leg up towards surface of pool (Figure 3.1).

Trunk braced against poolside, patient instructed to hold a lordosis, allow float to take leg up towards surface of the pool (Figure 3.2).

Patient holding onto side of pool (elbows flexed to help keep body upright). Patient flexes left knee and hip to eliminate lumbar hyperextension (Figure 3.3). Allow float to take leg towards surface of pool, patient instructed to keep knee in extension.

Patient holding side of pool with elbows extended. With left hip and knee flexed, allow float to bring the flexed leg towards pool surface (Figure 3.4).

Patient with trunk braced against pool side, right hip flexed to 90°, right hand to fix knee to enable rotation around axis of femur to occur. Allow float to bring the foot up (Figure 3.5).

As per stretch for lateral rotators, but with opposite rotation of femur (Figure 3.6).

Patient holds side of pool to keep trunk upright and thigh in neutral position. Allow float to bring foot up towards pool surface (Figure 3.7).

Patient facing pool side with both forearms on rail. Tread on inside of inner surface of ring. Twist knees to R and flex both up the wall to the R so that L thigh is against wall. Both feet and float remain under the knees (Figure 3.8).

Patient in standing or sitting on stool, flex hip to 90°. Patient to fix thigh position and allow float to bring foot up to surface of pool (Figure 3.9).

Patient with trunk horizontal to water surface, left hip in 90° flexion, allow float to take foot up to surface of pool (Figure 3.10).

Therapeutic methods developed to utilise the properties of water

Other treatment techniques that rely on the use of the physical properties of water include the Bad Ragaz Ring Method, and the Halliwick Concept.

The Bad Ragaz Ring Method (BRRM)

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