ORIF Tibial Tubercle Fracture

ORIF Tibial Tubercle Fracture

Mininder Kocher, MD, MPH

Patient Positioning (Figure 24-2)

  • Supine on the radiolucent table

  • Bump underneath ipsilateral buttocks to prevent patient external rotation

    Figure 24-2 ▪ Positioning of leg with elevation to allow for lateral fluoroscopic views.

  • Tourniquet

  • Set up for fluoroscopic AP and lateral views of the knee in order to confirm reduction and screw placement

  • radiolucent triangle

Surgical Approaches

  • Esmarch of the limb with elevation of the tourniquet

  • Direct anterior skin incision from the midpoint of patellar tendon proximally to 3 cm below the caudal end of tibia tubercle.

  • Significant soft tissue and periosteal stripping with a large hematoma will be encountered (Figure 24-3).

Reduction and Fixation Techniques

  • Reduction in these fractures is easily performed and can be aided by the following tricks: