Iliac Crest Bone Marrow Aspiration: Ultrasound Guidance


BMAC, bone marrow aspirate, iliac crest, regenerative, stem cells, ultrasound


Note: Please see pages ii , iii for a list of anatomic terms/abbreviations used throughout this book.

Ultrasound can be used for imaging guidance to access the medullary cavity of the iliac crest while avoiding neurovascular structures and excess radiation exposure. A technique perpendicular to the tables of the ilium can be used in-plane to the ultrasound transducer. This allows for aspiration from multiple cortical sites to maximize yield of nucleated cells. An alternative technique (not described in this text) can be used that is a similar parallel approach as the described fluoroscopic technique. This alternative parallel approach would be out-of-plane to the transducer, or would use ultrasound identification of the intended target and then completion of the procedure without live guidance.

In-Plane Technique ( Fig. 36B.1 )

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