Common Complications in Orthopedics

The majority of patients do not encounter problems after orthopedic surgery; however, as with any surgery, there are potential risks. This issue includes articles on some of the most common complications in orthopedic surgery.

The authors of these sections have provided much useful information on this topic that can help surgeons avoid some of these complications. All of these articles contain much information from experienced surgeons in orthopedics, and we are most appreciative of their willingness to share their knowledge.

Articles in the Adult Reconstruction Section focus on the loss of proprioception after primary TKA, hip instability and leg length discrepancy after THA, instability after TKA, and the painful total knee arthroplasty.

Articles in the Trauma Section focus on thromboembolic disease after orthopaedic trauma, arthrofibrosis after periarticular fracture fixation, impact of infection on fracture fixation, and nonunion.

Articles in the Pediatric Section focus on complications of pediatric elbow fractures, infections after pediatric spine surgery, complicatons after adolescent idiopathic spine surgery, and complications of slipped capital femoral epiphysis.

Articles in the Upper Extremity Section focus on complications of distal radius fixation, complications of carpal tunnel release, complications of distal biceps repair, and complications of lateral epicondylar release.

Articles in the Foot and Ankle Section focus on DVT in foot and ankle surgery.

I hope that our readers will find the material useful in their practices.

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