Arthroscopic Tibial Spine Fixation

Arthroscopic Tibial Spine Fixation

Yi-Meng Yen, MD, PhD

Patient Positioning (Figures 23-3 and 23-4)

  • Supine on a standard table with knee holder or knee post to enable valgus stress of the knee

  • If fluoroscopy is used, it should be placed on the contralateral side to obtain lateral radiographs

Figure 23-3 ▪ Standard OR table with lateral knee post.

Figure 23-4 ▪ Left knee after sterile preparation and draping.

Surgical Approaches (Picture of Arthroscopic Entry, Arthroscopic Picture of Displaced Piece)

  • Anteromedial and anterolateral knee arthroscopy portals should be made just adjacent to the pateallar tendon (Figure 23-5).

  • A trans-patellar portal can be made to aid with suture management or reduction of the fracture.

  • The knee should be irrigated to remove the lipohemarthrosis

  • Complete visualization of the entire knee joint should be achieved with arthroscopy (Figure 23-6). Debridement of the fat pad is usually necessary.

  • Care must be taken to identify meniscal or intermeniscal ligament entrapment in the tibial spine fracture

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